Asma Khan

  • Paul Rudd is obsessed with the food at Darjeeling Express. It's official.

    paul rudd and asma khan darjeeling express london

    Update 28/10.21

    It's been a little while since the last Paul Rudd at Darjeeling Express sighting. However, just to keep things ticking over, Dan Levy was on the Jimmy Kimmel show and the photo came up again.

    Look below for a VERY nice mention of Darjeeling Express and Asma Khan (from the 10:23 mark). And yes, you might have to "pull some Ant-man strings" or the like to get yourself a

  • Asma Khan unveils second cookbook, Ammu

    asma khan ammu cookbook

    Most of us probably sorted out flowers and maybe breakfast in bed for our mums this Mother's Day. Darjeeling Express restaurateur Asma Khan went one better - dedicating and naming her second cookbook for hers.

    Ammu - Food to nourish your soul, from a life of cooking, was named for Asma's mother, and will come out next year. As she explains: "The five chapters of my second cookbook cover the five decades of my life. A

  • Calcutta Canteen by Darjeeling Express is Asma Khan's new all-day cafe - updated

    ashaUpdated with a first look at the food. As Darjeeling Express goes from strength to strength, Asma Khan has a new venture ready. Calcutta Canteen is an all-day North Indian/Bengali-inspired cafe in Carnaby and the big focus will be on filled bread buns called Pau buns.