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Special menu

  • Galvin at Windows introduces new fast food bar menu


    The bar at Galvin at Windows right at the top of the Hilton Park Lane was always a pretty sweet spot to drink, but the addition of a new gourmet fast food menu has it back at the top of our must-visit list.

    Head Chef Joo Won has come up with all manner of enticing bar food for his La Nuit menu. So there's a Dirty Smoked Bacon Burger (£14), the Galvin's Dog Deluxe - both £14, there's a Dirty Portobello Mushroom Cheese Burger (£12) and Joo's also putting on his

  • The Diner puts on two burgers for its Beeferendum


    While we feel sure that this isn't the last European referendum-themed resturant story we'll get, it has the big advantage of being the first. For the next 3 months The Diner will be embarking on Beef-erendum. They've come up with two burgers to help you choose whether or not the UK should remain in the European Union.

    ‘Le Dave’ Burger (above, right) features a French Charolais beef patty, topped with Swiss cheese and caramelised onions, scattered with

  • Helene Darroze launches a special chicken dinner for two on Sundays


    There's roast chicken and then there's Hélène Darroze's roast chicken. The Michelin-starred chef has just launched a six-course roast chicken menu for two, Le Poulet du Dimanche, to be served in her restaurant at the Connaught on Sundays.

    And it sounds like a cracking menu. You begin with an amuse bouche of confit egg yolk served with leek and smoked bacon, brioche croutons and parmigiano reggiano emulsion, served in a golden egg. This is followed by chicken

  • See the Vogue 100 exhibition and enjoy a bargain lunch at Le Caprice

    caprice main

    It only opened a week or so ago, but the Vogue exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery - Vogue 100: a century of style - is already drawing huge crowds. The good news is there's an altogether more pleasant way to enjoy the show than joining the scrum for tickets each day.

    Le Caprice in St James is running an absolutely fabulous (reference intended) offer alongside the exhibition. For £38 per person you get two courses from a special three course


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