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Yen has been winning fans for its soba noodles in Paris and this sees them opening their first London restaurant.

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Modernist soba and sushi in Temple - we Test Drive Yen
London's legal district has a modernist temple to Japanese cuisine in Yen
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Address: 5 Arundel Street, London WC2R 3DX

Telephone number: 020 3915 6976

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Nearest Station: Temple

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5 Arundel Street, London WC2R 3DX


Critic reviews - total score 7 out of 10

Critics' score: 7
Giles Coren Times
Reviewed on January 06, 2018
"Then brilliant sushi. Brilliant. Warm rice, tightly balled, perfectly cooked, firm but not grainy, with neatly trimmed fish, of the correct size, superfresh and cool but not cold, not a sinew in sight or in mouth." READ REVIEW

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