Test Driving Del 74 - a real taco find in Clapton

quesThe steak quesadilla. Yes, it is as good as it looks. 

What can you tell us about Del 74?

It's a taco joint that's just opened in Clapton, coming from Jorge Felizardo, who launched Taberna Mercado with Nuno Mendes. He's teamed up with chef Enrique Vivas who's serving up tacos and quesadillas at the back of the place. Jorge himself is just a great host, and really sets the atmosphere of the place. We've had the place recommended to us by a lot of folk whose opinion we rate, so we popped down to see the place for ourselves. 

Who's it suitable for?

Anyone who fancies a mean margarita and some of the best tacos we've had recently (and there's been a LOT of competition in that area). We'd say it's a pop-in, stuff your face and down a couple of cocktails place. 

pork2The Barbacoa - slow cooked lamb, onions and just a great taco. 

Where is it?

It's not blessed with easy train/tube access out on Lower Clapton Road. But it IS a few doors down from P Franco, which brings us to...

Where should we meet for a drink first?

P Franco should absolutely be a point of call for any trip to Del 74, we think, as it's only a couple of doors down. A perfect spot to stop for wine. There's also the Bonneville Tavern round the corner if you're after a pint (but in truth, it's more of a cocktail spot). 

veggieThe veggie taco that works just way more than you think it's going to. 

And what should we be ordering?

As you pick up the paper menu and get ready to jot down your wishes (a la Bao), you'll be thinking "maybe we should just have everything?" and that may well be the right answer. Tacos range from £2.50 - to around the £6 mark (the latter being pairs) and none of them disappointed. But - if we had to pick out a trio of must-haves, they'd be:

  • The veggie tinga - it may seem odd to start with a veggie taco but this, with its crunchy sweet potato, was an absolute instant winner. Do not miss. (£4.50)
  • The Barbacoa - slow cooked lamb topped with coriander and onions - one of the simplest tacos on order, but the best for it (£3)
  • The steak quesadilla - we just LOVE a good quesadilla and this met our very high expectations (£5)

But as mentioned - it was all good, so just order away at your heart's content. Oh, and the guacamole is top notch too. 

margYou'll be wanting a lot of these.

And drinks? Margaritas, yes?

Of COURSE margaritas - with either your choice of tequila (£7) or mezcal (£8) - either lime, watermelon or cucumber. We just stuck to the first two (with a preference for the watermelon). Or mix them with beer for their Bloody Mary-esque Michelada. So yes, it's beer, cocktails or either of the red or white wines (£24.50 a bottle). 


London is finally getting a brace of new taco joints that are actually good, and Del 74 is definitely near the top of the pile. It's a fun spot, the tacos are just great, and you'll have a lot of fun knocking back the margaritas. Well worth dropping into. 

What: Del 74 Taqueria

Where: 87 Lower Clapton Rd, London E5

How to book: It's a walk-in only spot.

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @Tacosdel74.

Hot Dinners were invited to Del 74, prices are correct at the time of writing.