Test Driving Aidan McGee's Sunday Roast - the master is back at the George and Dragon

beefThe mighty roast beef 

What can you tell us about the George and Dragon?

This Fitzrovia pub was taken over in 2016 by Ray Corner and Charles Gardner who are now brewing their own beer on the premises. The chef in the kitchen is Aidan McGee who's best known for his stint at The Truscott Arms (now closed, but due to return). He won much praise for his food while there, particularly for his Sunday roasts which won Best British Roast Dinner. Now he's bringing that famed roast back to Fitzrovia. 

Where is it?

It's the Euston Road side of Fitzrovia, at the end of Cleveland Street (just around the corner from Honey & Co). If you're heading there by tube, Great Portland Street is closest and it's a five min walk from Warren Street. 

inside strumpetsBreaking into the beef strumpets 

Where could we go for a drink first (or after)?

The most obvious spot, if you're not heading straight for the pub, is to the Remedy which is just across the road, perfect if you're after a glass of wine.

And what's the drink like in the pub itself?

It's VERY affordable with pints around the £5 mark, cocktails about £6 and a 175ml glass of their house white starting at £4.75 (Post Tree Chenin Blanc). All very reasonable, particularly in the West End.

And onto the food. What else is available before we get to the roast?

Make sure to try some of the starters. He does a very good scotch egg, so that's a no-brainer if you're mulling over what roast to have. But a particular favourite of ours was the beef strumpet. 

It's kind of a beef croquette without the potato getting in the way. So inside sourdough breadcrumbs, there's slow cooked beef brisket tarragon shallots, a light taste of horseradish influencing the taste (but without taking over) and liberal amounts of parmesan piled on top. We could happily have snacked on these all day long. 

Aidan also does a mean chicken and ham hock terrine too - we'd also recommend getting that if it's on. 

terrineHam hock and chicken terrine

And the roasts?

Ah, the roasts. For a man who's won prizes in this area before, these are clearly the main event on a Sunday. We opted for beef (Irish of course - £18) and pork (£16), both perfectly cooked.

Match this with some VERY good roast potatoes, carrots, yellow greens and damned fine gravy (which you can get more of, if needed) and it's clear why he's won the roasting plaudits. 

And dessert?

The winner here was the milk chocolate panna cotta with English cherries and hazelnuts. It's hard to beat a really good pannacotta. And if you're taking a very leisurely lunch, then you might find room for the cheese plate (£4.50 each or £10.50 for the plate). On our visit the selection was Young Buck, Driftwood and Baron Bigod. 

pannacottaMilk chocolate pannacotta with cherries and hazelnuts


Yes, Aidan's still got it. This is an easy recommendation for a Sunday Lunch. The pub's location on a corner means it's really light and airy which just makes it a lovely place to wolf down a choice roast.

Hot Dinners were invited to the George and Dragon. Prices are correct at the time of writing. 

What: The George and Dragon

Where: 151 Cleveland St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 6QF

How to book: Call 020 7388 9869.