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Test Driving Patty and Bun - Soho has a new burger date spot

There's a new Patty & Bun?

There is indeed a new Patty & Bun in town. It's on the site of the much-loved Stockpot, but times move on and we reckon the fourth branch of the Patty & Bun empire will do very nicely indeed.

What's different about their latest?

Points of difference - the first thing is that you don't have to hang out in the street outside waiting for your table. You can head to the cocktail bar (although there are no stools, just standing space) for some really excellent cocktails. Of the ones we tried the Turtle's Margarita using just the right amount of P&B's legendary hot sauce was the clear winner. And at £9 a pop, not bad value either.

It also felt like there was more room between the tables, so if you're ever thinking of heading to a P&B fo a date, this would be the one to choose. The Soho branch is open later than any of the other Patty & Buns - until 12.30am from Thursday to Saturday - so good for satisfying any late night burger cravings.

And how about the food?

There's more to the menu - starting with a new range of snacks. Of those, the chicken kiev is an insanely addictive snack and you're not going to want to miss the roast chicken skin with maple syrup and hot sauce.

And there's a new side - the confit potatoes are slightly glorified roasties at first glance, but all the better for it and a perfect accompaniment to the burgers. Which are, of course, as excellent as ever. And we should make special mention of the new range of milkshakes too - the lemon cheesecake one tasted exactly like liquified cheesecake - a very good thing. 


All in all, it's Patty & Bun on top form and a very welcome addition to the Soho burger scene.

Patty & Bun is at 18 Old Compton St, London W1D 4TN. Keep up with their news on Twitter @pattyandbunjoe

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