Test Driving Eggslut - we try all the eggy buns in Notting Hill

roomThe upstairs toom at Eggslut. Can you guess what's on the menu?

What can you tell us about Eggslut?

Originally started in LA, it pretty much does what you'd expect it to - serve up lots of eggs (all free range from Clarence Court). They're mainly in two varieties - eggs in brioche buns (from Bread Ahead) and eggs in a pot. And the eggs are very. very gooey indeed. You will need lots of napkins. 

Where is it?

Right in the heart of Notting Hill on Portobello Road, a couple of doors down from the Electric Cinema. 

And it's fast food?

Fast-ish. You can order buns to take away or eat in. Essentially you will queue and then order at the till, then grab a table and wait for your name to be called. If you can, grab a seat at the counter so you can watch the buns being put together. It's all done very carefully so that the yolk doesn't break before it gets to you. 

So - what's on the menu, then?

ALL the eggy buns. Here's what we had when we visited. 

roomBacon buttie supreme. This is the bacon egg and cheese - smoked bacon (a choice of beef or pork), over-medium egg, cheddar cheese, chipotle ketchup (£9.50). There isn't a hangover in the world that this wouldn't cure.

roomThe Gaucho - seared wagyu tri-tip steak, over-medium egg, chimichurri sauce, red onions and dressed rocket (£15) - probably the bun most suited to lunch or evening - and you can see just how much beef is piled in there.

roomSausage, egg and cheese - with their own turkey sausage, over-medium egg, cheddar cheese and honey mustard aioli (£9.50). It's sweet, it's savoury, it's like an incredibly good version of a well known burger chain's breakfast staple. 

roomA change from the buns, this is the "Slut". It's free-range coddled egg on a house-made potato puree, topped with grey salt and chives with slices of baguette for dipping (£9). Very comforting.

roomBonus bun! Another of their signatures - we actually had this at Taste of London. It's the Fairfax - free-range scrambled egg, chives, caramelised onions, cheddar cheese, sriracha mayo (£9 - and you can add bacon, sausage or avocado if you want). This is probably our favourite, with the bacon bun coming second. 

There are also a couple of things we didn't get to try. There's a burger, an American buttermilk biscuit (aka scone) with honey butter and if you like a good egg mayo sandwich, they do one too (but it won't have the drippy melty egg-porn impact of the other buns - just saying). 

There's a side salad too - but to be honest, we didn't see any of those going out, the buns are where it's at. 

And dessert?

Just the one thing - a large salted chocolate chip cookie (£3.50). And you will absolutely want to get them to heat this up for you.

How about drinks?

Just soft drinks only - Coke, fresh juice and coffee (inc cold brew) from Nude Coffee Roasters. 


Only a few days into opening and Eggslut is really doing the business. There were queues down the road on a Tuesday lunchtime - and apparently, they get much bigger when the market's in full swing on Saturdays. It's already a hit and it's easy to see why - their buns are pretty great. Don't expect this to be the only London Eggslut, that's for sure. 

Hot Dinners ate as guests of Eggslut. Prices are correct at the time of writing. Interior photo by Charlie McKay.


More about Eggslut

Where is it? 185 Portobello Road, London W11 2ED

Find out moreVisit their website. and follow them on Instagram @eggslutuk.


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