Test Driving The Clove Club meal kit - the World's 50 Best restaurant comes to your home

roomHere's how it's all presented (including the napkins at the bottom left). Very fancy. 

What can you tell us about The Clove Club?

You probably have more than a passing knowledge of the restaurant but just in case... Launched in 2013 after kicking things off as a supper club, the restaurant saw Isaac McHale heading up the kitchen, with Johnny Smith and Daniel Willis taking care of front of house (and later on the team's other restaurant Luca too). The three brought The Clove Club to ever-greater successes in the following years and they're currently the highest placed UK restaurant on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list (at number 27). So, yes, it's fair to say they're a big deal.

And now they've started delivering?

They may be a little later to the party than others, but it's clear from the outset that they've spent the time getting the kit ready before launching it. Like fellow 50 Best list member Lyle's, The Clove Club clearly understand the importance of unboxing with a meat kit like this and it really feels like a special occasion. It's all presented beautifully, from the little silver boxes through to the carded menu and instructions that really help to set the scene. It also comes with white cloth napkins, a lovely touch. 

How much will I have to do? 

It's actually very simple - much of it (the snacks and desserts) are either just plate-up or eat as they are jobs. A couple of courses need some heating up - but all in all it's very straightforward. 

So what's on the menu?

The delivery consists of five courses plus snacks and petit fours. Here's what was in our box and what it took to get it on the table:

roomOgleshield puffs together with cod's rose and smoked ricotta with crudites and hemp bread crackers - warm the bread and the puffs (which were wonderful) and you can just plate up and get started. This was all more than generous and we think you can start on this well before preparing the rest of the menu. Top marks for those hemp crackers too. 

roomCold smoked Wiltshire trout with almond milk, watercress and kombu - this was in one of the boxes you see at the top of the page. There are a couple of sachets to dress the salad and you eat from the box. Barely any effort to prepare and it looks beautiful too. 

roomOrkney scallop baked in brioche with ransoms and elderberry capers - just brush the pastry with egg wash (included) and stick it in the oven for 10 minutes. The brioche is genius - sealing the scallops for cooking and it's also something you can use to dip in the sauce. 

roomBlonde lentil veloute with veal and Perigord truffle (all that's hidden in the bottom) - just heat, give a little whisk and you're done. Our soup never comes out anything like this...

roomGlazed Dartmoor beef with Jerusalem artichoke and pickled walnut - This main is wrapped already (again - see the top of the page) and just needs chucking in the oven. They've done all the hard work on that featherblade - you're just heating it up. We'll also immediately fall in love with any main that comes with mash, frankly. 

roomRicotta mousse with blood orange and rhubarb compote and ginger sponge - the simplest course, just take off the lid and get stuck in - tremendously fresh rhubarb too. 

roomPetit fours - Dr Henderson teacakes, raspberry pastilles and chocolate macarons. Every great meal needs to finish up some thoughtful petit fours, in our humble opinion.

roomA cut-through of the Dr Henderson tea cake. It's a tribute to St John and Fergus Henderson's iconic cocktail. While we're not usually partial to the Fernet Branca that involves, there's a real lightness of touch with this that won us over. And who can fail to love a meal that ends with a teacake? 

Anything else?

Some optional added extras are Scottish langoustines (tails and bisque) or Petrossian caviar. Wine pairings are available too (four wines at 450ml per person at £110) - and there's also a soft drink pairing that features teas, juices and more from across the world (£50) - a lovely idea if you're foregoing the booze. 

What's next on the menu?

The menu changes monthly and new dishes on the menu for April are  "English Asparagus en Papillote, Wood Pigeon Sausage stuffed Morels, New Potato and Wild Garlic" and "Roast Breast of Aylesbury Duck, Blonde Lentils and Turnips" all of which also sounds amazing. 

Overall thoughts:

The Clove Club have clearly taken the time to get their home delivery box just right and it really shows. The quality shines through and we particularly appreciated the ease at getting everything on the table. Combining all that with a great menu leads to a stellar box. If you're desperate for a taste of this top level London restaurant wait until May - this box is an absolute must. 

Hot Dinners received The Clove Club at Home box as a gift. Prices are correct at the time of writing. 


More about The Clove Club at Home

Where is it? Shoreditch Town Hall, 380 Old St, London EC1V 9LT

How much? £95 per person

How to order? On their delivery website

Delivery radius: Nationwide

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @thecloveclub


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