Test Driving the Ceru meal kit - this Levantine meal comes in a very fancy package

roomThis is how the box arrives - all wrapped up in a scarf. There's a big focus on recycling and sustainability throughout - for example, the kit is made from recyclable bioplastics and reusable packaging.

What can you tell us about Ceru?

At one time a pop-up, Ceru went permanent in South Kensington before then adding a second restaurant in Soho. Headed up by Barry and Patricia Hilton, the menu focuses on Levantine cuisine, based on their travels across the region. So, in general, expect a menu with Mediterranean and Middle East influences. 

And what do they have for an At-Home offering?

They have four individual boxes, lamb, beef fillet, chicken shish and a vegan option. Each box has some snacks, a main with side and a small dessert - and each feeds two people. 

The presentation is certainly fancy. 

It really is. Each of the boxes comes wrapped in a scarf and it's just a lovely presentation (and something genuinely nice to keep after the meal). There's a different scarf for each version of the box, so you could happily work your way through them and build up a collection. 

roomHoumous Dip, Greek Pita Bread - just heat up the bread for a few minutes. 

roomZucchini & Feta Fritters with a mint and dill yoghurt - for this one, just create the patties, quickly fry and then it's in the oven for a few minutes more. 

roomSlow Roasted Lamb Shoulder with Shawarma spices, a pomegranate sauce, fresh mint and pistachio. Wonderful sauce - and plenty of it too, which soaks into the tender lamb. 

roomSpice Roasted Potatoes with turmeric, fresh coriander and spring onion - we approve of roast potatoes that can be ready after 10 mins in the oven, 

roomHomemade Baklava - just a bite-size snack to finish off. 

Overall thoughts

The Ceru kit makes for a great dinner for two, and one that's at the low-end price-wise of many meal kits out there (this one was £50, feeding two people). It's both simple to put together, while also looking like you've put in a fair bit of effort when it's on the table.

Hot Dinners received this meal as a gift from Ceru. Prices correct at time of publication.


More about Ceru at Home

How much: Between £40 and £60 for two people. 

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Order online

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @cerulondon.


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