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The General Store is coming to The Garage in Islington

Big changes are afoot in the Garage in Islington. It was recently bought, along with the Borderline, by DHP Family. A big refurb is planned to the venue in general, including a new sound system and more. 

But it's the addition of the General Store all-day bar that has us interested. As passers-by will know, you can't actually see into The Garage from the outside, but that's going to change. You'll now be able to see into the front of the building which will become The General Store, a coffee spot during the day and a craft beer and cocktail bar in the evening. The name comes from the look of the room, which references filling station stores of small-town America. So there will be reclaimed gas pumps, big beer fridges and coffee all day. And the cocktails will be served from items you’d find in the store, like cornflakes packets and Campbell’s soup tins.

Outside of that, expect a new venue upstairs - Thousand Island for hosting new breaking acts and more - and immersive club events, Precinct Presents, that will take over the entire venue. That starts with “Lost In Tokyo” for a dystopian Japanese-style street scene with neon-lit Izakayas. 

The revamped Garage and General Store opens on 20 April 2017 at 20-22 Highbury Cres, Highbury East, London N5 1RD. For more, follow them on Twitter @TheGarageHQ.

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