Sushisamba launches Kobe week with a special Kobe mini burger

Sushisamba launches Kobe week with a special Kobe burger

They recently announced they'd be selling Japanese Kobe beef and now high-rise restaurant Sushisamba are putting aside an entire week every month to concentrate on the very, very exclusive beef. 

It'll be on the third week of every month, with each week having a different menu from Executive Chef Claudio Cardoso. The first week kicks off from 19-25 January, with a menu that features:

  • Kobe mini burger - Brioche, Kobe beef burger, horseradish mayo, aji amarillo, £6
  • Kobe Tiradito - with yuzu emulsion, £19
  • Kobe tamari - Kobe beef, ponzu, pickled wasabi,£13
  • Kobe tartar - Kobe beef tartare, poached egg, macadamia, gold, £25
  • Kobe tataki - with foie gras, peruvian chocolate, £44

And - if you REALLY want to push the boat out, there's the Kobe beef Ishiayaki for £1000 - or the slightly less expensive 160g ribeye at £144. Both of those are always on the main menu - so that mini burger may be a better way to ease yourself into Kobe eating.

The first Kobe week menu runs from 19 - 25 January, and there will be a new menu every third week of the month after. Find out more about Sushisamba.