Sesame by Ottolenghi director Noam Bar is coming to Covent Garden

Sesame by Ottolenghi director Noam Bar is coming to Covent Garden23/4/15 Updated with menu details.

London's love of Middle Eastern food is one of 2015's most obvious culinary trends, which makes Noam Bar in the right place at the right time for the launch of his new restaurant Sesame. Bar, one of the founders of Ottolenghi, has taken inspiration from the market stalls and smoking grill street food of the Middle East for his Covent Garden opening.

"We researched to find the absolute best dishes from around the Mediterranean, and mainly looked to re-create the flavours of our childhood: the generously-stuffed pittas bursting with flavours, the crunchy vegetables, still full of flavour, the tahini sauce running down our face," explains Noam (pictured). "These sunny, warm and vibrant flavours are what Sesame is all about."

So expect to find plenty of flat breads, stuffed with grilled meat, vegetables and spiced with tahini and other condiments, not to mention amazing salads too. Confirmed on the menu is:

  • Spicy paprika chicken with garlic and cardamom £5.95
  • Roasted aubergine and egg sandwich with mango pickle £5.65
  • Mediterranean chicken with za’atar, herbs and lemon £5.95
  • Traditional lamb and beef kebab with sweet spices £5.95
  • Pitta panini with egg, bacon and sweet salsa £3.15 (for breakfast)

Plus various skewers, sides and snacks that include halva and chocolate cookie, sesame brittle, rose brownie and more.

Sesame opens in 15 May at 23 Garrick Street, London WC2E 9RY. Keep up with their news on Twitter @SesameFood. Opening hours will be 7am until 11pm daily