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Summer changes are afoot at the Smoking Goat on Denmark Street. It's not that we think you will need much to attract you to the restaurant - which we still think has one of the best smoky aromas in town - but these pics by Paul Winch Furness will definitely do the job. 

All of them are on the menu now and Ben Chapman tells us a little more about each of them...

ribBarbecue Shortrib Rendang: "Super marbled, dry aged single muscle short rib, smoked over sweet chestnut wood and served with an aromatic Rendang curry."


quailGrilled Quail & Rambutan - "Wood grilled quail with ketjap manis, dressed with rambutan and Thai herbs"


bellyBarbecue Five Spice Belly - "Smoked rare breed pork. Slow roasted to order on our DIY wood grill, served with a sour chilli nam prik"


rabbitRabbit Laab with Cornish Herbs - "A very spicy thai mince meat salad made with dittander and nasturtium from Keverel farm in Cornwall."

The Smoking Goat is at 7 Denmark Street, London WC2H 8LZ. Find out more about the Smoking Goat.


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