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Natoora comes to Selfridges

If you've ever been down Maltby Market way to the wonderful Natoora shop and bought WAY too much, you'll either be pleased or worried to hear that they've opened a new place inside Selfridges. If you're not aware of Natoora yet, they supply some of London's best restaurant with fruit and vegetables. If you've been out for dinner marvelling at the quality of the veg - there's a good chance they supplied it. 

Natoora been in soft launch for a while (honestly, we're lucky we only just found out or our bank balance would be far lower), and now are fully launched in the store's food hall just as their Autumn produce has rolled in. Expect:

  • Black Sollies figs grown in the mineral-rich soil of the Gapeau River Valley, France;
  • Seasonal apples from Ringden Farm, a specialist apple grower in East Sussex; and
  • Delica pumpkins from Mantua, Italy, that undergo a slow-curing process after harvest in order to reduce water content and concentrate flavour.

Alongside all the usual produce, they'll also have fresh fruit salads, side salads, prepped vegetables and fruit hampers starting at £50. Start saving up now.

Natoora is open now in the food hall at Selfridges, 400 Oxford St, London W1A 1AB. For more, follow them on Twitter @Natoora

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