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MEATliquor are coming to West London as they get ready to take over the kitchens at the recently revamped Queens Skate, Dine and Bowl. So if you fancy some burgers and cocktail to fuel that strike, they're the people to provide them. It's a huge old spot too - they'll seat 80 for dining, but the bar fits a huge 200. That's plenty of space to knock down a house grog or two. 

Otherwise expect the usual range of burgers - Dead Hippies and more - as well as chicken, fries and, of course, their triple chilli challenge. And you can come just to MEATliquor if you don't fancy bowling or falling on your arse on the skating rink. 

What: MEATliquor at Queens

When: 5 May 2017

Where: 17 Queensway, London W2 4PQ

Find out more: Visit the MEATliquor website or the Queens website.


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