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Jones & Sons launching All-in Kitchen pay-by-poker restaurant with PokerStars

Jones & Sons launching All-in Kitchen pay-by-poker restaurant

Updated 14/1/15 with additional dates

Just when we thought we'd seen it alll, along comes this new collaboration between Dalston's Jones and Sons (at their Haggerston Trip Kitchen site) and PokerStars - a "pay by poker" pop-up restaurant.

It's being launched to tie in with the beginning of the 2015 UK and Ireland Poker Tour which kicks off in London this month. However, this is very much low stakes poker as it's free to book a table and play a game of poker. You'll be given 10,000 chips to start with and, depending on how welll you do over three hands, your dinner will either be free or a pretty good bargain.

If you end up with over 10,000 chips dinner will be free, 5-10,000 chips and it will cost £5. If your hand is terrible, you can't keep a poker face to save yourself and end up with 5000 and below, dinner will then cost £10.

The meal itself is three courses with a cocktail thrown in - which would normally cost £50 a head. So even if you end up losing on the night - you'll still be doing well as you'll only have to pay a tenner for the food and cocktail max. There are various poker-themed courses including:

  • Queens: Queen Scallops, Salt Baked Swede, Bacon Marmalade 
  • Kings: Chargrilled King Prawn Cocktail
  • 3 of a Kind: Confit, Roast & Pan Fried Duck, Blackberry Reduction
  • The Royal Flush: King Crab Thermidor, Straw Fries
  • Millionaires Tart: Salted Caramel & Chocolate, Whiskey Cream

The All-In Kitchen runs from January 19-21 2015 at 339-340 Arches, Acton Mews, London, Haggerston, E8 4DG. To book a ticket, go to their websiteUpdate - they have now extended this, so it'll also be running on 26 and 27 January. Tickets will be released on Billetto on 21 January for the new dates.

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