Hovarda comes to Chinatown from the people behind Yosma

Hovarda comes to Chinatown from the people behind Yosma

1/11/17 - updated with full menu details and launch date.

What: Hovarda

In a nutshell: Greek and Turkish food in Chinatown

Summing it all up: The people behind Marylebone's Yosma are opening a second venue in London. This time it'll be focused on Greek and Turkish food with seafood and grilled dishes on the menu.


The low-down

Having successfully launched Yosma, which we were highly impressed by, the people behind that restaurant are getting ready to open a second, Hovarda. Hovarda sees them taking on Aegean food with raw seafood and grilled dishes on the menu. 

It's all part of the newly developed section of Chinatown (right beside Xu) and as well as the ground floor restaurant, we're also promised a luxe cocktail bar upstairs. That'll seat over 70 alone with drinks that include the signature Hovarda - with Yeni Raki, cinnamon, yoghurt, brown sugar, Turkish honey, cardamom and espresso.

As for the food - it's all about cuisine from around the Aegean Sea, so expect Mediterranean dishes with a mix of Greek and Turkish influences. Seafood will be a big thing, with the menu dictated by that day's catch but you can expect dishes to include:

  • Marinated sea bream, fennel, saffron
  • Wood fire beetroot, orange, Galomitzithra
  • Sardines, Santorini tomatoes, garlic
  • Grilled smoked eel, fava, radishes, caper leaves
  • Crab borek, lemon sauce
  • Kleftico, Ryeland organic slow roasted lamb, lamb fat potatoes, oregano, lemon (for two)
  • Whole grilled lobster, homemade eriste pasta

And that's not all - with dessert including Metaxa Baba and Lokma (syrupy deep-fried doughballs) with spiced ice cream, honey and walnuts. So yes, you'll want to save space for that...


More about Hovarda

Where is it? 36-40 Rupert St, London, W1D 6DR

When does it open? 17 November 2017

Find out more: Follow them on Twitter @Hovarda_London.