Hank's Burgers and Beers are coming to the Deptford Market yard arches

Hanks Burgers and Beers are coming to the Deptford Market yard arches

They've been a staple of the Deptford street food scene for some time, and now Hank's are launching their first permanent site in an arch at Deptford Market Yard, with their Burgers and Beer restaurant.

It's clearly a does-what-it-says-on-the-tin type of place - with the burger offering being:

  • The Big Cheese - 6oz aged beef patty, American cheese, Hank’s secret burger sauce, lettuce and pink pickled onions
  • The Bigger CheeseAs above with applewood smoked bacon
  • The Cod AlmightyBeer battered Cajun spiced cod with American cheese, crisp lettuce, hot sauce and Hank’s homemade remoulade
  • The Big SmokePanko crumbed smoked tofu, smoky mushroom marmalade, garlic aioli, crisp lettuce and American cheese
  • Big Blue *special*6oz aged beef patty, Stilton, caramelised onions, lettuce and dijonnaise

On the site, they'll have cajun fries with hot sauce and sour cream and the beer promises to be American-style beer, sourced from London breweries, curated by locals, Hop, Burns & Black, who will be pairing beers with the burgers.

And they're promising Taco Tuesday nights in the future too...


More about Hank's Burgers and Beer

Where is it? Arch 12, Deptford Market Yard, London SE8 4BX

When does it open: 16 June 2018

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @hankslondon.


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