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Blacklock launch the new pork chop sandwich and more besides

A few months in and Blacklock is still doing very well indeed - but they're not resting on their laurels as new dishes have just hit the menu. The first is this wonderful looking pork chop sandwich that's now on the menu for lunch.

As Blacklock's Gordon Ker says: "The sandwich is an ode to probably the best sandwich we’ve ever tasted, the Maxwell Street Pork Chop Sandwich in Chicago. We first tried that on our travels for the perfect chop for Blacklock and we loved it so much we wanted to bring it home with our own little twist. As usual it all starts with the best Cornish meat from The Warrens. This time a 250g pork shoulder chop charcoal grilled and housed in a demi brioche bun with loads of New York hot dog style onions and Dijon mustard on the side."

It's now on their lunch menu for £10 and also comes with their new beef dripping chips (or salad. if you must) for £12. But that's not all that they've added: "The new salad is our new summer tomato salad. Heritage tomatoes, our own labneh and toasted almonds. That and the hand cut beef dripping chips (which we've been working on ever since we opened ) are each £3. As for dessert, there would have been a riot if we took the white chocolate cheesecake off the menu so it’s still here but now comes with summer berries while rhubarb heads into hibernation. As ever the cheesecake is £4 for the usual "say when" portion. And it just got voted best cheesecake in London!"

Blacklock is at is at 24 Great Windmill Street, London W1D 7LG. Check out our Test Drive

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