Babel House is introducing Mayfair to the delights of Odessan food

Babel House brings Odessan food to Mayfair

What: Babel House

In a nutshell: Odessan food in Mayfair

Summing it all up: This Mayfair restaurant takes its inspiration from the countries that surround the Black Sea, with a particular focus on Odessa - so expect a lot of seafood delivered from the market there. 


The low-down

Coming to Mayfair, Babel house will be serving up cuisine based on the six countries that surround the Black Sea (head over to google maps right now to find out what they are) with a specific focus on Odessa. Obviously, there will be a good amount of seafood as part of the menu, with seafood being delivered from Pryvoz market in Odessa. 

On that menu will be:

  • Pike caviar with Borodinsky toast
  • Salad Olivier with salmon and seared scallops
  • House salt-pickled vegetables (honey roast pepper, watermelon, cucumber and tomatoes)
  • Traditional lamb soup with Georgian spices
  • Red borscht with sour cream and garlic.
  • Black Sea Turbot, Goby and Blue Fish prepared in the in-house smoker
  • Slow cooked lamb shoulder
  • Beef Stroganoff
  • Odessan honey marinated duck

As for the cocktails, there's a theme to their menu which we're told is based on "‘Tales of Odessa" - which is modern spin on Odessan novelist Isaac Babel’s 1931 short stories entitled The Odessa Tales (the restaurant is named after him). So expect seasonal cocktails in that. 

Seating 110, the restaurant will apparently have "nods to modernism and Odessan ArtWith nods to modernism and Odessan Art Deco homes" so expect it to look quite special too. 


More about Babel House

Where is it? 26- 28 Bruton Place, Mayfair, W1J 6NG

When does it open? June 2018

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @BabelHouseLDN.


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