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Arbutus launches new a bar - Les Couilles du Chien

This place is quite literally the dogs' bollocks. A Michelin starred restaurant with a sense of humour is opening a new bar - cheekily titled Les Couilles du Chien.

Arbutus in Soho is already known for its keenly priced contemporary food and huge range of wines available by the carafe, under the direction of chef patron Anthony Demetre. Now, the new bar will offer a chance to enjoy a far more informal experience which, they say, will be in keeping with its "luxurious, yet unpretentious and affordable" ethic.

Wine continues to be a big thing. Co founder Will Smith has designed the wine pairings, serving by the glass from a range of rather special bottles including the biodynamic Lion’s Tooth Chardonnay from New Zealand and Andromeda Pinot Noir by Devil’s Gulch Vineyard in California.

There's a spiced-up bar menu to match. There are dishes you certainly wouldn't expect in a Michelin starred establishment, including warm Pigs Head with spiced mayonnaise, and for the even braver - 'A Load of Bollocks' - crisp lambs testicles and tripe.

The cocktail menu is no less creative. You can try out a Prune Negroni which infuses dried plums in a St George Terroir gin with Vermut Negro, Campari and orange peel. Or 'Give Peas a Chance' - Reyka vodka infused with fresh pea and basil, Lillet Blanc and lemon peel.

The space is designed to be a mixture of edgy and sleek, with a long white stone bar, and leather topped stools, along with Keith Coventry artwork and red neon signs over Dutch tile-patterned wallpaper and French gray walls.

Les Couilles du Chien opens on 14th October, seven days a week at Arbutus, 63-64 Frith Street, London W1D 3JW. For more from Arbutus, follow them on Twitter @arbutus.


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