The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2014 - the full list

The San Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurant list is the restaurant world's nearest equivalent to the Oscars. Every year hundreds of restaurant experts - all 'well-travelled restaurant commentators, chefs or restaurateurs’ vote for their favourite restaurants.

Here are 2014's Top 10 restaurants - with some explanation as to why they're considered to be at the top of their game. as well as the rest of the top 50 and the notable British entries. And you can read our story of the awards night here.

World's 50 Best restaurants - 2

No. 1: Noma (up 1)

Where in the world? Copenhagen, Denmark
What makes it the best?
Chef René Redzepi's restaurant on the waterfront in Copenhagen topped the list for three years running before El Celler de Can Roca ousted them last year. People love it for a whole raft of reasons, from the genuinely thrilling food of ultra seasonality and locality to the personal touches which means chefs serve the dishes they've worked on to you personally. With the news that they're relocating to Japan for the first two months of 2015, booking a table there just got a whole lot harder.

For more info: Noma website



World's 50 Best restaurants - 1

No. 2: El Celler de Can Roca (down 1)

Where in the world? Girona, Spain
What's so great about it? Run by a trio of brothers, head chef Joan Roca, maitre d’ and head sommelier Josep and pastry chef Jordi, El Celler de Can Roca is a restaurant with its own lab, which has helped it come up with concepts such as perfume cooking. "The genius of Can Roca is serving food that is astonishingly inventive yet still feels Catalan," says UK food blogger Chris Pople. We now want to go but probably can't, now it's reached such dizzying heights.

For more info: El Celler de Can Roca website

World's 50 Best restaurants - 3

No. 3: Osteria Francescana (no change)

Where in the world? Modena, Italy
What's so great about it?
Chef Massimo Bottura's playful approach to food often begins with childhood memories. His family's favourite dish of eggs and prosciutto is transformed into a single faultless disc of tortelloni filled with prosciutto. Another key dish here is the five ages and textures of Parmesan and then there's his take on the Magnum - a fois gras parfait lolly on a stick covered with hazlenuts. This restaurant is never stuffy and always great fun.

For more info: Osteria Francescana website

World's 50 Best restaurants - 5

No. 4: Eleven Madison Park (up 1)

Where in the world? Manhattan, New York, USA
What's so great about it?
Chef Daniel Humm and GM Will Guidara continue to innovate - and maître d' Justin Roller hit the headlines recently when his practice of Googling diners ahead of their meal was revealed in a story in New York magazine. EMP's cosseting but informal approach to service is where it's at - Marcus Wareing took two of his key staff from there when he wanted to modernise his restaurant at The Berkeley. It will cost you though. The tasting menu is is a cool $225. Hot Dinners' set lunch there was a highlight of our trip to New York.

For more info: Eleven Madison Park website

World's 50 Best restaurants - 7

No 5. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal (up 2)

Where in the world? Knightsbridge, London, UK
What's so great about it? Heston's first London restaurant was always going to be noteworthy and his decision to open a restaurant which celebrated Britain's historic gastronomy cleverly distinguished it from his work at the Fat Duck. Head Chef Ashley Palmer Watts' food has thrilled since day one with dishes like Meat Fruit and Tipsy Cake deservedly drawing diners from all over the world. 

Read more about Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

World's 50 Best restaurants - 4

No. 6: Mugaritz (down 2)

Where in the world? San Sebastián, Spain
What's so great about it?
You've got to want to try the cuisine of any chef who's so into his food he's willing to spend two years of his life studying the chemistry of coagulation in order to produce the perfect poached egg. Mugaritz was opened by chef Andoni Aduriz in 1998, and caused quite a stir when it leapt into the no 10 position in the World's 50 Best Restaurants list in 2006. We tried his food when Andoni made a trip to the UK, including the famed edible stones.

For more info: Mugaritz website

World's 50 Best restaurants - 6

No 7. D.O.M (down 1)

Where in the world? Sao Paulo, Brazil
What's so great about it?
 Chef Alex Atala ( who was one of the stars of the show at the recent Lab event in London has forged a huge reputation for himself by applying the techniques and skills he learned whilst training in Europe under the three-Michelin star chef Jean Pierre Bruneau to the ingredients he finds closer to home. At this minimalist temple to gastronomy, you can also find ingredients that might flummox most Brazilians, as Atala works hard trying to source his food from every part of the country.
For more info: D.O.M website

World's 50 Best restaurants - 8

No 8. Arzak (no change)

Where in the world? San Sebastián, Spain
What's so great about it?
Four generations of chef Juan Mari Arzak's family have worked in this San Sebastián restaurant which has been in the family for 113 years. Here is where Juan Mari, now works with his daughter Elena to serve up his 'modern interpretation of classic Basque cuisine'. Londoners know the name and brand much better now that the family has launched the rather clumsily-titled Ametsa with Arzak instruction at the Halkin hotel.
For more info: Arzak website

World's 50 Best restaurants - 10

Alinea (up 3)

Where in the world? Chicago, US
What's so great about it?
One of the hardest restaurants to get into, this Chicago restaurant runs bookings via a ticketing system. Chef-patron Grant Achatz picked up the Chef's Choice award at last year's World's 50 Best. Entering the Top 10 this year tops off an excellent couple of days for the restaurant which just came out top in Elite Traveler's best 100 restaurants too.
For more info: Alinea website

World's 50 Best restaurants - 10

The Ledbury (up 3)

Where in the world? London, UK
What's so great about it?
Brett Graham's Notting Hill restaurant has legions of impassioned fans who rate the restaurant not only for its inventive food and constantly changing menu, but for its relaxed yet on-point service. "We’re an all-round package," says Graham. "we try hard to provide an all-round dining experience and I think we deliver that."
Read more about the Ledbury

World's 50 best restaurants 2014: 11 - 50
  • No 11: Misazur - Menton, France (up 17)
  • No 12: Vendome - Bergisch Gladbach, Germany (down 2)
  • No 13: Nahm - Bangkok, Thailand (up 19)
  • No 14: Narisawa - Tokyo, Japan (up 6)
  • No 15: Central - Lima, Peru (up 35)
  • No 16: Steirereck - Vienna (down 7)
  • No 17: Gaggan - Bangkok (highest new entry in the top 50 - previously 66)
  • No 18: Astrid Y Gaston - Peru (down 4)
  • No 19: Faviken Jarpen - Sweden (up 15)
  • No 20: Pujol - Mexico City, Mexico (down 3)
  • No 21: Le Bernardin - New York, USA (down 2)
  • No 22: Vila Joya - Albufeira, Portugal (up 15)
  • No 23: Frantzen - Stockholm, Sweden (down 11)
  • No 24: Amber - Hong Kong, China (up 12)
  • No 25: L'Arpege - Paris, France (down 8)
  • No 26: Azurmendi - Spain (new entry) (also best Sustanable restaurant)
  • No 27: Chateaubriand - Paris, France (down 9)
  • No 28: Aqua - Wolfsburg, Germany (up 2)
  • No 29: De Librije - Netherlands (re entry)
  • No 30: Per Se - New York, USA (down 19)
  • No 31: L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon - Paris, France (down 7)
  • No 32: Attica - Melbourne, Australia (down 11)
  • No 33: Nihonryori RyuGin - Tokyo, Japan (down 11)
  • No 34: Asador Extebarri - Atxondo, Spain (up 10)
  • No 35: Martin Berasategui - Spain (re-entry)
  • No 36: Mani - Sao Paulo, Brazil Denmark (up 10)
  • No 37: Restaurant Andre - Singapore (up 1)
  • No 38: L'Astrance - Paris, France (down 15)
  • No 39: Piazza Duomo - Alba, Italy (up 2)
  • No 40: Daniel - New York, USA (down 11)
  • No 41: Quique Dacosta - Denia, Spain (down 15)
  • No 45: Geranuim - Copenhagen, Denmark (up 3)
  • No 43: Schloss Schauenstein - Switzerland (down 1)
  • No 44: The French Laundry - Yountville, USA (up 3)
  • No 45: Hof Van Cleve - Kruishoutem, Belgium (down 20)
  • No 46: Le Calandre - Rubano, Italy (down 19)
  • No 47: Fat Duck - Bray, UK (Down 14)
  • No 48: Test Kitchen (Cape Town) (New entry)
  • No 49: Coi - San Francisco (new entry)
  • No 50: Waku ghin - Singapore (re-entry)

Notable UK entries in the top 51 - 100 are in bold below:

  • 51 Combal.Zero Rivoli, Italy
  • 52 Septime Paris, France
  • 53 Relae Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 54 Blue Hill at Stone Barns Westchester, USA
  • 55 St John London, UK (up 16)
  • 56 Le Louis XV Monte Carlo, Monaco
  • 57 Tickets Barcelona, Spain
  • 58 Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet Shanghai, China
  • 59 Biko Mexico City, Mexico
  • 60 Quay Sydney, Australia
  • 61 In De Wulf Dranouter, Belgium
  • 62 Manresa Los Gatos, California
  • 63 Hedone London, UK (up 7)
  • 64 Momofuku Ssäm Bar New York, USA
  • 65 Hertog Jan Bruges, Belgium
  • 66 Lung King Heen Hong Kong, China
  • 67 8½ Otto E Mezzo Bombana Hong Kong, China
  • 68 Nomad New York, USA
  • 69 Saison San Francisco, USA
  • 70 Momofuku Ko New York, USA
  • 71 White Rabbit Moscow, Russia
  • 72 The Tasting Room at Le Quartier Français Franschhoek, S.Africa
  • 73 Bras Laguiole, France
  • 74 41 Grados Barcelona, Spain
  • 75 Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée Paris, France
  • 76 Mr & Mrs Bund Shanghai, China
  • 77 Zuma Dubai, UAE
  • 78 Tim Raue Berlin, Germany
  • 79 Maaemo Oslo, Norway
  • 80 Restaurant at Meadowood St Helena, USA
  • 81 La Petite Maison Dubai, UAE
  • 82 La Grenouillere La Madelaine sous Montreuil, France
  • 83 Die Schwarzwaldstube Baiersbronn, Germany
  • 84 Iggy’s Singapore
  • 85 Caprice Hong Kong
  • 86 Les Amis Singapore
  • 87 The Clove Club London, UK (New Entry)
  • 88 L’Epicure Paris, France
  • 89 Taubenkobel Schutzen, Austria
  • 90 Dal Pescatore Canneto Sull’oglio, Italy
  • 91 Boragó Santiago, Chile
  • 92 Pierre Gagnaire Paris, France
  • 93 Marea New York, USA
  • 94 Restaurant Diverxo Madrid, Spain
  • 95 Malabar Lima, Peru
  • 96 Landhaus Bacher Mautern, Austria
  • 97 Bo Innovation Hong Kong, China
  • 98 Jean Georges New York, USA
  • 99 Ishikawa Tokyo, Japan
  • 100 Jaan Singapore