Fuwa Fuwa bring their Japanese soufflé pancakes to Soho

fuwa fuwa soho london

If you're on Food Tok you'll know that Japanese souffle pancakes are A Big Thing. There are countless videos of the fluffy delights being flipped on the grill before being topped with all manner of sweet delights.

There are two big players right now on the scene, Hefaure in Chinatown and Fuwa Fuwa at the Brunswick Centre. And now Fuwa Fuwa has moved into town, having opened their second store in the heart of Soho just a few weeks ago.

Posting on Instagram they promised they'd be "whipping up our fluffy delights with some of your classic favourites such as the Lotus Biscoff, Nutella Strawberries, and a few new options like our Miso Slutty Caramel Popcorn and Chocolate Honeycomb Crunch, all served on a warm bed of super fluffy pancakes!"

If you haven't been to the Bloomsbury original, they also serve up iced milk tea, matcha lattes and a variety of teas.


More about Fuwa Fuwa

Where is it? 57a Dean Street, London W1D 6AJ

When? Open now.

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @fuwafuwalondon


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