Patrick Powell takes over the menu at Booking Office 1869 in St Pancras

Patrick Powell takes over the menu at Booking Office 1869 in St Pancras

22/10/21 - updated with the opening date

The Booking Office at St Pancras, always a beautiful-looking destination, is getting a big uplift on the food front. It's getting a new design, a new name and a new menu that's by Patrick Powell of Allegra at Stratford (very handy for him as it's only 10 minutes on the train between the two restaurants). 

Here, he'll be going for "classic dishes finished with a modern twist" which in practice means:

  • Fried chicken, yoghurt & lime
  • Hand chopped steak tartare with salsa verde & beef dripping toast
  • Barbequed carrots, braised grains, yoghurt, pistachio & dukkah
  • Fried fish sandwich with spicy tartar sauce
  • Slow roasted lamb shoulder cooked in chermoula spices for two
  • Monkfish and potato curry with spinach, spring onion & lime
  • Brioche donut with caramelised apple & burnt cinnamon cream
  • And a Blackberry trifle.

We had a sneak preview of that fried chicken at the recent National Restaurant Awards bash and it is GOOD. 

Taking over the drinks is Jack Porter (previously The Mezzanine at The Stratford, Library Bar at The Ned) with new cocktails that are "incorporating Victorian materials" like the Ol’ Signalman (Pecan Nut Infused Bourbon, Cocchi Rosa, Coconut Bitters). The same team will also be looking after drinks and snacks at the rooftop garden. 

As for the place itself, that's just had a big redesign from Harry Handelsman, the man behind Chiltern Firehouse and Manhattan Loft Gardens (where Allegra is). He's worked with Parisian architect and designer Hugo Toro for a full redevelopment of the restaurant and bar, so it should look better than ever. All this brings with it a name change - it's now to be Booking Office 1869.

Patrick Powell takes over the menu at Booking Office 1869 in St Pancras


More about Booking Office 1869

Where is it? Booking Office 1869, Euston Road, London NW1 2AR

When does it open? 16 November 2021

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @bookingoffice


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