Paul Rudd is obsessed with the food at Darjeeling Express. It's official.

paul rudd and asma khan darjeeling express london

Update 28/10.21

It's been a little while since the last Paul Rudd at Darjeeling Express sighting. However, just to keep things ticking over, Dan Levy was on the Jimmy Kimmel show and the photo came up again.

Look below for a VERY nice mention of Darjeeling Express and Asma Khan (from the 10:23 mark). And yes, you might have to "pull some Ant-man strings" or the like to get yourself a table at the moment too...


Original story follows

When restaurateur and Netflix star Asma Khan tweeted the picture of Hollywood A-listers Paul Rudd and Dan Levy dining at her restaurant, Darjeeling Express, it broke the internet. 

This weekend the film star, who's currently in London filming the next Ant-Man movie, returned to Darjeeling Express for a THIRD time, attending their regular biryani supperclub.

He's clearly obsessed with Khan's food, although others suggested Asma herself might be part of the restaurant's allure.

What we particularly loved hearing was in an interview Asma had with US website Insider in which she revealed this gorgeous nugget about Rudd's last visit. Upon hearing that one staff member wasn't there because she was back in India looking after her father with Covid he insisted on Facetiming her and having a nice chat. "I thought that was just the most beautiful thing he did. He talked to her in an unhurried way." 

We're with Marvel.com Editor Rachel Paige who tweeted: "I want a 7-part miniseries about Paul Rudd and Dan Levy going out for dinner". Same.


More about Darjeeling Express

Where is it? 2a Garrick St, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9BH

How to book: book online

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @darjeelingldn.



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