Tofu Vegan plant-based Chinese restaurant opens in Islington

Tofu Vegan plant-based Chinese restaurant opens in Islington

Plant-based restaurants and vegan are starting to hit the next level of late. No longer simply "vegan restaurants", they're becoming focused on the style of food first, which is seeing a broader range of vegan options available. Islington has recently seen the arrival of Rudy's Vegan Diner on Upper Street (as well as the long queues for their Vegan Butcher) and now, just up the road, Tofu Vegan has opened (it's where Galley used to be). 

As noted by Eater, it's backed by Zhang Chao of Xi’an Impression who knows a thing or two about setting up hit restaurants in the area. When we talked to the folk at Tofu Vegan, they told us the menu aims to cover multiple regions of China helped by the fact that they have three chefs in the kitchen who originate from different regions - and bring with them varying experiences and knowledge. 

Dishes on the menu include:

  • Deep-fried tofu and mushroom balls with a fish-fragrant dipping sauce 
  • Tofu vegetable rolls with a sour and hot dressing
  • Stir fried mushrooms & aubergines with chilli
  • Dongbei sweet potato noodle sheets with slivered vegetables and a picy sesame sauce
  • Steamed tofu and mushroom dumplings
  • Special fried noodles, Sichuan style 

That's just a taster (you can find the whole menu on their Facebook page). The reaction so far has been strong and they say they've been extremely busy since opening last week as well as being proud that "around 40%" of the customers have not been vegan - so they're getting to showcase the benefits of a plant-based menu. For sure, it's another solid opening for Islington's Upper Street. 

Tofu Vegan plant-based Chinese restaurant opens in Islington


More about Tofu Vegan

Where is it? 105-106 Upper St, London N1 1QN

When does it open? Open now

How to book: Call 020 7916 3304

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @tofuveganlondon.


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