Heddon Yokocho have the perfect solo dining solution for the times we're in - Shuchu booths

shuchu dining booths at heddon yokocho

In these new times we find ourselves, the idea of solo dining certainly has a lot going for it, being the ultimate in social distancing. And now, one West End restaurant has installed the perfect tables for those dining on their own.

Heddon Yokocho first opened its doors before Lockdown 2, with a very retro style vibe. Now they've gone one step further, by installing Shuchu dining booths in their basement.

The booths - the name translates as focus or flavour concentration booth - originated as a place for someone to sit in such a way so they could focus all their attention on their bowl of ramen rather than a dining companion. And while we're all for the idea of being fully present over a great meal, we think the idea of the booth will make it particularly popular should social distancing rules remain.

So book a booth, grab a bowl of regional ramen and a highball and enjoy one of the best new solo dining places in town.


More about Heddon Yokocho

Where is it? 8 Heddon Street, London W1B 4BU

When: Reopens for inside dining on 17 May 2021

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @japancentre.


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