M Restaurants brings in Champagne robots for Christmas

roomWe're not quite sure why the robot looks unhappy here. It may be that (at the time of writing) there are no guests to serve, but we already have fears of a Champagne robot uprising...

Is this the ultimate in Social distancing? Over the Christmas period, M Restaurants are introducing Champagne robots - yes those are actual robots that will serve Champagne throughout their grill restaurants. The robots - named Bailey and Sage - will take your order, trundle over to the bar and then return with a tray full of Champagne. Apparently, they also come with "personal messages and seasonal wishes" but frankly, it's only going to be the Champagne that you care about. 

In case you were wondering, they're not replacing staff with automated waiters as the restaurant group does say they've managed to prevent any layoffs. 

Now - can we get one of those Champagne robots for home...?

roomAh, Ok it's happy here. That's better. Unless that's because it's thinking about its plans to overthrow the human overlords...


More about M Restaurants

Where are they? Threadneedle Street and Victoria Street

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @mrestaurants.


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