Telegraph critic William Sitwell launches the 'world's smallest online wine store'

william sitwell wine store

If you're someone who isn't good with too much choice and miles prefer someone else to do the editing for you, then the new wine shop by William Sitwell will probably be right up your street.

Sitwell (erstwhile editor of Waitrose Food Illustrated until that vegan spat) and now restaurant critic for the Telegraph as well as a regular on MasterChef has just launched William's House Wines. Or, what he's referring to it as 'the world's smallest online wine store'.

The USP is that the shop will only ever stock eight wines at any one time. So there'll be two whites, two reds, two rosés and two sparkling wines on sale. Sitwell aims to refresh the list every three to four weeks.

‘I love wine and I love the extraordinary complexities of the grape, but sometimes the degree of choice makes buying good wine a nightmare. My shop solves that problem."

The launch list includes a red Nero d'Avola at £10.50, a Sicilian rosé, Mánnara Pinot Grigio for £10.50 and a White Rabbit Riesling 2018 for £12.95. All of which makes it both reasonably priced and useful - worth a look, then?


More about William's House Wines

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @williamshousewines


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