Milan's Giannino Dal 1899 opens a London restaurant in Mayfair

giannino dal 1899 mayfair

What: Giannino Dal 1899

In a nutshell: Longstanding Milan restaurant opens its first European outpost in London

Summing it all up: Will Giannino Dal 1899 be the restaurant to succeed at this spot in Mayfair? They're hoping that the long lineage of the Milanese original will entice Londoners to try it.

The low-down

Well this one snuck in a little under the radar. Taking over a site on Blenheim Street that's seen off several Italian restaurants over the years - most recently Camillo Benso and Assunta Madre - is Milan's famous Giannino Dal 1899.

As the name suggests, the original restaurant is 120 years old, having opened in Milan in 1899. This new London spot will be their first outside Italy.

So what can we expect? Well, they say there's a mixture of Italian classics with international dishes. So while ossobuco will be on the menu, so will tonarello cacio pepe with sea urchin, cocoa bean and lime along with a dish created especially for Mayfair - asparagus risotto mantecato with almond butter


More about Giannino Dal 1899

Where is it? 10 Blenheim St, Mayfair, London W1S 1LJ

When does it open? Opened 7 September 2020.

How to book: Call 020 8138 1196

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @gianninomayfair


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