Gary Usher launches Elite Bistro At Home - Londoners can now order his food

gary usher launches elite bistros at home

Here in London, foodies have been worrying about whether they'll be within the right delivery zone for their favourite restaurants. But we hadn't even considered that the rise in delivery might mean we can try food from restaurants outside the City.

For a while now, top chef Gary Usher has been talking about opening a bistro in London. But while that is still to materialise it looks like we'll be getting the chance to try his food sooner than we thought.

In a post on Twitter last night, he revealed that his group of Elite Bistros - Sticky Walnut, Burnt Truffle et al - will start doing a food delivery menu this week. It'll be dishes you finish off at home and, most importantly, will be delivered nationwide. So if you've ever wanted to try Usher's food but haven't made it to one of his restaurants - this is your chance. 

"We'll be taking all the hassle out of cooking from home," said Gary. "We've seen a few other restaurants and chefs doing it and it seems like a great idea."

One of the dishes being promised is the group's signature eight-hour braised featherblade of beef. "You'll get the beef all braised down, you'll get the sauce that comes with it, some prepped and cooked asparagus, some puree and some mash - all of this will be in separate bags. The idea is you just drop it into a pan of water at home, I'll show you how long for...and hopefully you'll be recreating the complete Elite Bistro experience at home."

Dishes on the initial menu (which you can see here) include:

  • Burrata with charred spring onion dressing, fennel and chilli barley crisp
  • Octopus with sunflower seed puree, salsa macha
  • Braised featherblade of beef with truffle creamed potato, glazed carrot and red wine sauce
  • Sumac roasted half cauliflower with butterbean mash and salted lemon and green chilli dressing
  • Yorkshire parkin with salted butterscotch sauce and clotted cream
  • Caramelised white chocolate mousse with raspberry and hibiscus compote and almond 'crack'

Orders start from 8pm Friday 5 June

elite bistro at home pudding


More about Elite Bistro At Home

When? Launches 5 June 2020 (from 8pm)

Delivery range: Nationwide

How to order: Orders taken every Friday, arrive the following Friday. 

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @elite_bistro_at_home


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