Nori To Go sees Alex Craciun popping up with amazing looking temaki in Shoreditch

Nori To Go sees Alex Craciun popping up with amazing looking temaki in Shoreditch

News of Alex Craciun's new pop-up managed to escape us last week, but his Nori to Go pop-up continues into next weekend, serving out very impressive temaki from Smokestak in Shoreditch. 

Cracuin was executive chef at Jason Atherton's Sosharu and has been developing his Nori to Go takeout boxes over the past few weeks and they all look quite amazing. You'll get a set of five for £20 and they include:

  • Grill and cured belly Salmon, Sushi Rice, Spiced Cabbage, Tosazu
  • Marinated Tuna, Scallion, Tobiko, Sushi Rice, Avocado, Fresh Wasabi
  • Seasonal Vegetables Sushi Rice, Tomato Miso, Seaweed Vinaigrette
  • Fresh Scallop, Wasabi Kizami, Lemon Zest, Cucumber Strips
  • Sea Bream Kombu Cured Tempura Nori Spice Mayo Sushi Rice

And you can add £25 of caviar to that if you fancy. There are also salads, rice dishes and desserts that include a matcha mille crepe cake.

He's joined Manteca and Smokestak in their Shoreditch location, where there's an impressive, growing selection of restaurants on offer. Nori to Go another example of chefs thinking creatively and offering something that they may not have tried without being forced to work within the limits of the lockdown. We think you should definitely head down there for a temaki fix this week. 


More about Nori to Go

Where is it? 35 Sclater St, Shoreditch, London E1 6LB

How to order: Pre-order by emailing ac19@craciunalex.com. Collection and delivery are available. 

Find out more: Visit Alex's website for full details or follow him on Instagram @alex__craciun.


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