Adam Handling launches Hame - his home delivery service and yes, the cheese doughnuts are included

Adam Handling launches Hame - his home delivery service, cheese doughnuts included

The Adam Handling restaurants may be closed, but the chef has just launched his new "at home" service called "Hame" in case you're suffering from chicken butter withdrawal symptoms (we love his chicken butter - you can see it above). 

it won't be served hot - but everything will be fully prepared and ready to cook, with full instructions (including videos) on how to finish everything off. So if you're worried about those cheese doughnuts not being fresh - they're going to be hot right out of your own oven. Here's what Handling says:

We’ve done all of the food preparation ourselves to make it as simple as possible. Just scan the QR code on the recipe card, included with your order, to see a video of me showing you how to cook all the prepared components and put the finishing touches to your dishes.

Here's what you can expect on the menu:

  • Sourdough, jar of chicken butter
  • Cheese doughnuts (makes 15) 
  • Wild mushroom agnolotti, pickled mustard sauce
  • Wagyu beef tartare, sourdough crisps
  • Whole lobster, carrot, green curry 
  • Wagyu ramen, lime, chilli 

Plus there are sharing dishes, suitable for 4-6 people that include a "Pheasant pot pie with clotted cream mash, green beans" and "Beef Wellington, clotted cream mash, spring greens, roast carrots"

And on top of that, their impressive signature cocktails will be available too.


More about Adam Handling's Hame

Where is it?  34-35 Southampton Street, London WC2E 7HG

When does it run? Thursdays to Sundays, orders in 48 hours before delivery/collection.

How to order: Via the website

Delivery range: 10 miles radius from the restaurant

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @adamhandling.


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