Rice Error, the new rice box delivery service from Bao, is here

Rice Error, the new rice box delivery service from Bao, is incoming

Updated 12/5/20 with new location opening dates

If there's one new delivery venture in London that everyone has their eye on, it's Rice Error from the people behind Bao. First off, here's what they say about the overall service:

A delivery service brought to you by BAO. Specialising in rice boxes using award-winning Chi Shang rice from Taiwan. The design of the boxes are inspired by the popular bian dan boxes served in Taiwan. All boxes are made from Bamboo and are biodegradable

They kicked off with delivery at Borough which is where they've released the first menu for (dishes will change slightly according to which venue you order from). 

  • Roasted Yellow Chili Chicken Leg, aged white soy chicken dripped, soy egg and rice
  • Mapo tofu omelette rice
  • Cha Shao pork belly
  • Prawn shia song, Taiwanese golden kimci fried chi shang rice
  • Grilled 40 day aged beef denver with black pepper sauce, greens and a soy boiled egg

There are two bao meals on offer - one with a bucket of Taiwanese fried chicken, four sesame baos, golden mimchi, Sichuan mayo and hot sauce. The other features cheese tots with four Gua Bao, garlic mayo, plum ketchup and pickled daikon. 

Desserts include three types of ice-cream - Horlicks, milk tea and peanut or you could have a slice of pineapple upside-down cake.

 rice error by bao


More about Rice Error

When does it start? Borough is open now. Fitzrovia opens 13 May 2020 and Hackney 25 May. King's Cross date TBC. 

How to order: Order from Borough or Fitzrovia.

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @riceerror.


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