Anju is the new Korean food residency at The Gun in Hackney

anju korean residency the gun hackney

In Islington's Compton Arms, they have the very popular Four Legs residency (which we Test Drove recently). Now the Compton Arms' sister pub The Gun in Hackney has brought in a long term food residency Anju - which they're hoping will be a similar success.

Anju - which already has a residency at Blend in Green Lanes - sounds like the perfect match, given that its name means 'food eaten with alcohol'. As you might have guessed, that means Korean Fried Chicken, Bibimbap and Korean BBQ dishes, among others.

We've had a look at the launch menu and, it's fair to say, we'd pretty much wolf our way through it. Dishes include:

  • Beef rib or pork belly BBQ served with SSam salad
  • Korean Fried Chicken or Cauliflower (Gochujang or Honey Butter Glaze)
  • Korean Sushi Rolls (Bulgogi Beef or Braised Sweet Tofu)
  • Fried chicken, beef or tofu dumplings
  • Gangnam Fries with cheese, jalapeno pickle, kimchi (Bulgogi Beef or Tofu)
  • And finally, kimchi fritters or Mac and Cheese with Kimchi

Taewoo Kim is the man behind the residency, who's bringing Londoners food inspired by his childhood in Korea. Having done some travelling he landed here in London, where he added Japanese food to his repertoire, working at Gilgamesh, Sake no Hana, Oka and Nozomi.

Photo: Graham Turner.

More about Anju at The Gun

Where is it? The Gun, 235 Well Street, London E9 6RG

When? Open now. Runs Wed-Sun

How to book: Email bookings@localsclub.co.uk

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @anju_restaurant


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