Ollie Dabbous is popping up at the Chelsea Barracks for the Chelsea Flower Show

Ollie Dabbous is popping up at the Chelsea Barracks for the Chelsea Flower Show 

If you haven't had a chance to get to HIDE yet, there will soon be another chance to try chef Ollie Dabbous' food in London - he's popping up at Chelsea Barracks, just as there happens to be a certain flower show on nearby. 

He's popping up at the Chelsea Barracks, which is a big new development in Belgravia. If you've wanted to see what they've been up to with the site - this will be your first chance and there will be gardens on show too, of course. Those will be the culinary garden of Mulberry Square and the wildlife haven of Bourne Walk 

As for the restaurant, much like HIDE it's actually a restaurant of three parts. There will be the brasserie and the bar (which also has snacks) for walk-ins and a fine-dining restaurant which you can book. That culinary garden mentioned before will be providing much of the produce that will be used in the menu - so expect something very seasonal. Planned for the menu are: 

  • Candy-striped beetroot with marigold, toasted pistachio & Sussex Slipcote
  • Papillote of Gigha halibut, Cornish mussels & yellow courgette in a nasturtium broth
  • Orange blossom custard doughnut. 

In addition to that, the brasserie will have pastries from HIDE (hopefully including the amazing croissant) as well as dishes that include "courgette, mint & Graceburn fritters", "wild fennel labneh" or his own take on a croque monsieur. 

Here's what Ollie Dabbous has to say about the pop-up:

Hosting a pop-up at Chelsea Barracks during Chelsea Flower Show will be a fun project for myself and some of the HIDE team. As a chef, passionate about food and seasonality, spring brings with it wonderful fresh botanical produce, making it my favourite time of the year. I’m looking forward to cooking in an amazing venue, producing outstanding dishes with a botanical touch that is both charming and delicious



More about Chelsea Barracks Kitchen

Where is it? Belgravia, London SW1W 8PS

When? 21-25 May 2019

How to book: Call 020 3770 8790 to book the fine dining restaurant.

Find out more: Visit their website.


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