5 reasons to try new American restaurant POTUS

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Riverside restaurant POTUS opened on the Albert Embankment a few weeks ago, hoping to inspire Londoners with its take on American food and drink. Here are five facts that might make you want to check it out.


1. The presidential cocktails


There's a large standalone bar at POTUS and their signature cocktail menu has been inspired by past and present American presidents. So you'll find the Teddy Smash “Hat Club”, a tribute to Roosevelt’s love for Mojitos and a JFK & Mary -  their take on JFK's favourite Bloody Mary with rye whisky, fresh basil, cherry tomatoes and sweet vermouth. There's also a large Bourbon list as well as lots of American wines to choose from. 


2. The whole lobster mac and cheese


Just LOOK at it. You want it, right?


3. The setting

Whether you're coming here for breakfast, lunch or dinner you can start or end your visit with a stroll along the Thames as the restaurant is right on the Albert Embankment. And while you don't have to be American to try it, it's no coincidence that this is a short walk up the river from the new American embassy at Nine Elms.


4. It's where America meets London

As Executive Chef Pablo Peñalosa Nájera explains: "The cuisine is American, but I don’t want to just showcase the food. The menu is about presenting the emotion and the motives of the Americans who first created them on one plate...and we'll continue to utilise London’s great access to the best ingredients throughout the year." Pablo's definitely one for a bit of a showstopping starter - here's his USDA smoked steak tartare with crispy chicken skin, cornichons and a mustard bourbon dressing.



5. The cioppino

This Italian American fish stew originates in San Francisco but isn't often seen on London menus. Here it features spiced lobster broth, sea bream, scallops and clams.


More about POTUS

Where is it? 10 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7SP

How to book: Book through Opentable or call Reception on 0203 1460 371.

Find out more: Visit their website or follow chef Pablo on Instagram @chefpablo


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