Hawley Wharf Camden has arrived with lots of new restaurants

Changes are coming to Camden with Hawley Wharf

Camden has seen a fair bit of development over the past few years and the new Hawley Wharf may be the biggest change yet. We originally wrote about this development way back in 2018, with a proposed opening of 2019 - so it's clearly been a pretty big project, but they're finally ready to open.

It's a 580,000sq ft site (aka VERY big) and, as a result, will be adding lots more shops, a Curzon cinema and - of course - new restaurants to the area. 

It's the latter we're most interested in, with the opening featuring some very interesting reveals:

  • HotBox - with barbecue smoked meats and burgers
  • Ekachai - South Asian cuisine
  • Three Uncles - Cantonese roast meat specialists
  • Bun House - their second restaurant with plenty of filled buns on offer
  • BaoziInn - Colourful dim sum and dumplings.
  • Stilvi - traditional Mediterranean sweet treats including baklava and loukoumades
  • A’do’re Fritto – the Italian grab-and-go, with arancini, pizzas and more
  • Philippe Conticini, French pastry chef  who will be opening a new French patisserie
  • Juice Junkiez - smoothies, and healthy cold-pressed juices

The website also mentions the following (note though, we're not 100% sure which of these will be launching on day 1): 

  • Tsujiri - All things matcha
  • Crepes a la carte - yes, sweet and savoury crepes
  • Spoon and Rice - Filipino comfort food
  • Rudie's Jerk Shack - Jamaican Jerk
  • Sugo: Street foods from Roma, Napoli and Palermo
  • Pitta Bun: Greek street food

Plus, this is going to be the location for Tom Kerridge's second Camden branch of Bad Vegan, which he says is opening soon and will have terrace dining and canalside views.

It's a bit of a surprise to have this all announced the very weekend they're opening - but if you're looking for something new to try in Camden, there will be suddenly a lot more options available to you.


More about Hawley Wharf Camden

Where is it? Camden Market

When does it open? 27 August 2021

Find out more: Visit their website.


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