Harrods food hall revamp continues with the unveiling of the new Fresh Market Hall

panoThe main deli at the entrance to the Fresh Market Hall.

We do love the Harrods food hall. We've been visiting the place on-off for decades and always pop in if we're in the area. While the rest of the shop can often be slightly above our price range, we can always find something in the food hall. And we've been pretty impressed with the work they've been doing to overhaul the space.

Starting about a year ago, at the time of writing, Harrods unveiled the first part of a programme to completely revamp its food and drink offering. Things kicked off with the bakery and roastery getting a big upheaval, followed earlier this year by the extremely impressive looking wine room in the basement. 

And now the next phase is here - this time it's the turn of the Fresh Market Hall, completely redesigned by David Collins Design Studio. It's only just opened and we were invited to a preview of it first thing this morning. 

The main event is the completely redesigned deli (pictured above), overseen by their Executive Chef Andy Cook. It's where you've always been able to pick up beef Wellington and salmon en croûte and they've added new dishes like Asian slow-cooked beef short rib and "the ultimate truffle macaroni and cheese". And we spotted some ready-made confit potatoes that only need to be put in the oven. And pies that, if you order in advance, will have your initial on them. 

Frankly, it's a dangerous place for us, as we wanted to eat everything there. But there's much more on offer - here's what else is in the huge new room. 

vegwall2Next up, vegetables. There's a huge wall of veg at the back of the room which dominates proceedings and given the rise of vegan and vegetarian diets, we'll expect this to do very well for them indeed.

vegAnd the big talking point here is the "vegetable butchery" where you can "customise chop, mix and readily prepare any vegetable mix desired."

vineetThe new hall sees the introduction of Kama by Vineet Bhatia. He's bringing "Indian classics, hot soups, roti rolls and salads
inspired by his childhood in Mumbai." We picked up some almond crusted edamame tikki which sound amazing. 

charcThe charcuterie counter. Here you can get Cincos Jotas ham which they say is "known as the finest ham in the world. Joselito allows Harrods access to selected 200 limited-production legs, each of which are available to purchase whole or sliced." And there's also a Truffle Table here if you're feeling like splurging out. 

cheeseAnd then there's the huge cheese counter. 

In addition to all the above, there's the seafood counter which has been rethought to have a much more sustainable approach and the non-veg butchery which will stock Kobe, wagyu, Pyrenean lamb and Iberian pork. And the pasta counter is run by Pasta Evangelists, the previously mail-order only fresh pasta folk. So we'll be trying their lobster tortellini later... 

So what's next? It's the big refurb of the Dining Hall - expect some big changes there by mid 2019. We'll let you know as soon as we know more. 


More about Harrods' Fresh Market Hall

Where is it? 87-135 Brompton Rd, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7XL

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @harrodsfood.


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