TUPI are bringing their folded eggs and cachaca cocktails to Elephant and Castle

tupi opening elephant and castle

What: TUPI

In a nutshell: Brazil meets London in this all day cafe for Elephant & Castle

Summing it all up: Sure to appeal to Elephant & Castle's large South American population, new all day cafe TUPI is bringing bottomless brunches, cacacha cocktails and more to SE17.


The low-down

Ever since they opened in Peckham last year, TUPI has been getting a lot of love for their food, in particular theyir folded eggs. I mean just look them up on Instagram. They do look good.

Well now this European/South American restaurant is expanding. They're opening in Elephant and Castle next week and they'll be bringing their all day menu to Castle Square.

Certainly the menu sounds about right to appeal to Londoners with everything from house cured salmon, asparagus and poached eggs on sourdough to miso cachaça halibut with charred corn on offer. They've also got a lot of cocktails on offer, from all the classics to more Brazilian style offerings like the Queen of Bahia with cacacha, passion fruit and mint.



More about TUPI

Where is it? 2 Castle Square, Elephant Road, London SE17 1EN

When does it open? 30 August 2018

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @tupilondon


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