Hawksmoor heads to New York with Hawksmoor NYC

Hawksmoor heads to New York with Hawksmoor NYC at World Trade Centre

Updated 18/7/18 with the new location

We're getting quite used to American steakhouses making their way to the UK but we've always known that we've had a very select few London places which are as good, and even better, than their American cousins. And now the tables are turning as the people who changed the London steak scene, Hawksmoor, are heading for the States. 

They've been planning this journey for a few years now - but the latest info is that the plans to open at the new World Trade Centre have changed. Instead, they're now opening their 180-seater restaurant (with another 50 in the bar) between Madison Square Park and Gramercy Park in a huge old assembly hall. To be honest, it's a much better fit for them. Here's what Huw Gott says about it:

We have found what we believe is the perfect Hawksmoor restaurant space in New York: a beautiful National Historic Landmark built as The United Charities Building in 1893 with an incredible 10m-ceilinged assembly hall that will be the main room of our restaurant.

You can see what that space looks like here.

They'll be dealing with US beef this time around, and T-bone and bone-in Prime Rib, Potted Beef & Bacon with Yorkshires, Beef Dripping Chips and more should all making the menu. And FINALLY there should be a decent place for a good Sunday roast in New York (ex-pats should be ecstatic).

Hawksmoor NYC opens in 2019 at 287 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10010, USA. For the latest, follow them on Twitter @HawksmoorNYC

hawksnyc oldHow the building looked back in the day. There will be less horse-drawn carriages when Hawksmoor NYC opens. Alas.