Roti Chai shack hits the South Bank from today

Roti Chai shack hits the South Bank from todayLast summer, the four day Roti Chai pop-up at the South Bank was a great success - so they're now back again for a full month this time.

The Chaat Shack and Bar opens today (March 27) and will be the resident bar at the South Bank's Alchemy festival, which is an annual festival of music, dance, literature, design and debate from India, the UK and South Asia. Food you can expect from the shack will include:

  • Bun Chilli chicken -  street style bun served warm with smoked tandoori chicken, fresh green chutney slaw and tamarind sauce
  • Bun samosa -  with a filling of smashed Punjabi pea & potato samosa with carom seed shortcrust pastry
  • Bun Coorgi - with Keralan spiced pulled pork.

Plus there will be drinks in the evening including:

  • Pain Killer - blood orange with gently spiced houseā€infused ginger rum and fresh lime
  • Thandai Toddy -  a creamy elixir with cashew, almond, cardamom and coconut arrack
  • Dalchini Devil-  cinnamon whisky, cointreau, apple and lemon

The Roti Chai Chaat Shack & Bar is open now at the Southbank Centre Festival Village (under Queen Elizabeth Hall), Southbank Centre, London. It's open all day Monday to Sunday, Midday to 10.30pm.